After meeting in Rome

Promotional activities after mobility in Rome

The dissemination of our experiences gained during the Short-term Learning Week in Rome is proceeding at full speed. CIAPE, the host of the workshops, started dissemination during the training week: they published fresh information on their Facebook page. Moreover, an article about our project was published on the European Platform for Adult Learning in Europe, of which the President of CIAPE is Ambassador in Italy. As well as CIAPE, our Spanish partners from Magenta published the information about the first project mobility on their Facebook group and website. Magenta also sent a newsletter to their subscribers.

UK partners, the Superact team, met towards the end of the Rome week to plan ahead. In the light of the information gathered in Rome, they prepared detailed plans for the learning week in UK in June 2018 and a community project called ‘No Borders’ which will be one of the main vehicles for dissemination in the UK.

Stu Packer, Storytelling Coach, and IMAEFE Project Manager, Kirsty Winnan, shared their impressions of the Italian week on the Superact website – stories which are definitely worth reading! SEE MORE


Kirsty Winnan also attended a meeting and gave a presentation to Cheltenham Welcomes Refugees on 23 May 2017. The presentation included information about the Rome week and presented the group’s plans for the No Borders project. The group responded enthusiastically and said that they would be willing partners in this project.

In Poland, the results of the meeting in Rome were presented 20th of June 2017 in the Community Centre for the intellectually impaired and people with mental disorders in Żoliborz district in Warsaw, a long-time partner of Cotopaxi Film Workshop Association. SEE MORE