After Reading (Italy)

After Reading - dissemination by CIAPE

CIAPE organised 3 dissemination events regarding the Visual Story Making workshop, held last May in Reading. During those events, we presented the project, the specific methodology and we applied it concretely in presence of both experts (social operators, mediators, teachers) and beneficiaries (adult third-country nationals) who very much appreciated the features and impact of the methodology.


1st event, held on May 30th at CPIA1 (Provincial centre for adult education and training, n.1) in Rome. Presence of experts and beneficiaries (mostly migrants from Bangladesh, in Italy for family reunification).


2nd event, held on June, 6th at CPIA1 (different seat - always in Rome). Presence of experts and beneficiaries (mostly asylum seekers/beneficiaries of international protection).


3rd event, held on June, 15th at Liberi Nantes' (Sport association, recognised by UNHCR which supports and promotes the integration of third-country nationals through sport activities) sports field in Rome. Presence of experts/volunteers and beneficiaries (young women refugees/asylum seekers) involved in the frame of an Erasmus+ project, currently implemented by the Association, seeking to involve a total of 100 girls/women refugees in different sport/social inclusion activities: it has been launched a great synergy between the 2 EU projects!