Poland – June 2017

Promotional activities after mobility in Rome

The results of the Short-term Learning Week in Rome (C1) were presented during a meeting that took place on the 20th of June 2017 in the Community Centre for the intellectually impaired and people with mental disorders in Żoliborz district in Warsaw, a long-time partner of Cotopaxi Film Workshop Association. It was an open event, and we talked not only about our newly acquired knowledge, but also about Italian culture in general.

During the official part of the meeting, Grzegorz Porzeziński (participant of the training session, affiliated with both institutions) and Łukasz Szewczyk talked about partnership for the Innovative methods of adult education for the future of Europe; they described the participating organizations and discussed possible outcomes of the visit to Rome. We focused on how the solutions we observed in some of the Roman institutions could be implemented in Poland, especially in the light of the present immigration crisis and stereotypes that accompany it. The participants stressed the role of art in inclusion processes. They also underlined how important it is to treat people with impairments without prejudice: it would help them to become active helpers rather than beneficiaries of social services. We discussed the example of Altrove restaurant, where young immigrants are engaged in cooking and running their own business. The initiative is supported by Centro Informazone e Educazione Allo Sviluppo, which helps those young people to try themselves in posh cuisine. 

On a lighter note, we also talked about our individual experiences of the city, its architecture, culture, tradition, natural life, public transport, and, unfortunately, walls vandalized by Polish tourists.

After the official part, we organized a party for the local community. There were quizzes about Italy, Mediterranean cuisine, a lot of singing and Neapolitan-style lottery. Around 70 people participated, and owing to the light-hearted atmosphere of the event, everybody could join the discussion about social support and adult education.